1. Setup a Minecraft 1.6.4 profile in your launcher and open the game at least once.
    This downloads the 1.6.4 jar which MITE uses as a base for the mod.
  2. Download MITE R196
    1. Unzip the archive
    2. Run setup.exe
    3. If setup fails, open the README for manual installation instructions.
  3. Create a new profile in the minecraft launcher.
    Set minecraft version to 1.6.4-MITE
  4. Connect to the server with IP Address:
    If you're using the normal "new" minecraft launcher and get a 'Bad Login' error:
    First, restart minecraft including launcher.
    If that doesn't work, see the Bad Login Fix
    NOTE: You must have minecraft and the launcher closed while performing the fix or it will ignore your changes.
  5. If you prefer higher resolution textures, download the MITE Hi-Res Texture Pack based on Soartex Fanver.
    You will need to replace "MITE Resource Pack" found in your resourcepacks folder with the one downloaded.